GoDR Season 1 has closed.

Invitation to our GoDR Season 2 only for 3 seats.

UPDATE: The 1st seat was reserved and the 2nd and 3rd seats are under discussing.

GoDR Season 1 has been loved by many users around the world. Our team also loves GoDR so much. But it's time to move on the next step. It must be GoDR Season 2.

Please be our sponsor for GoDR Season 2. Only 3 seats are available now.


#1 Digital X-ray Software in the world.

GoDR PAK/3 consists of GoDR, GoDR Cloud and GoDR AI . They are separate, independent products and are fully integrated on the GoDR platform.

GoDR, the world 1st digital acquisition software.

GoDR works perfectly with GoWIX Cloud. When the X-ray study is completed, the study automatically synchronizes with the GoWIX Cloud. (* This function is not available in Korea.)

GoDR is a Vendor Neutral Digital X-ray image processing and acquisition software.

GoDR provides an easy-to-use Smart Order Mapping Tool for various procedures.

GoDR decision board supports free rotation for adjust the right direction.

Auto stitching upto 3 vertical images.

GoDR Vet is a Vendor Neutral Digital X-ray image processing and acquisition software for Veterinary.



  • Processor: Intel Core I5 or higher

  • RAM: 8GB or higher

  • Display Resolution: Full HD(1920 X 1080) or higher

  • SSD: 256GB or higher

  • SSD/HDD: 256GB or higher for Images folder

  • Network: 100Mbps or higher

Operating System

  • Windows 10 or higher

Compatible with