Both Shoulder

Processed by GoStitching

GoStitching PAK/3

The best auto-merging software for medical images.

GoStitching PAK/3 consists of GoStitching PC, GoStitching Cloud and GoStitching AI . They are separate, independent products and are fully integrated on the GoDR platform.

Amazing tool, ever.

GoStitching works perfectly with GoWIX Cloud. When the merged study is completed, the study automatically synchronizes with the GoWIX Cloud. (* This function is not available in Korea.)

GoStitching smartly separates the two studies and automatically merges each study into one image and sends it to PACS. PACS displays two merged images.

Gostitching is the image processing software developed by SmartCareworks. It is the software that automatically merges multiple X-ray images taken with most of CR or DR into one image.

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